User Experience (UX) Design

Creating a website that delivers great user experience, should be at the top of your priorities. It all begins with the very first impression, and its all in the details. Enhancing user satisfaction and thereby your bottom line conversions, starts by improving site usability, accessibility and the ease provided in the interaction between the user and your web application.

The Process

UX design is almost an art, and we know how it's done. At Plorex we survey and study carefully and thoroughly your end-user and industry, We know how to lay out the calls to action, provide persuading content and buyers guides, producing the perfect visual effects, the ease and increase of your site conversions, as well as offering the right tools at the right place.

The end result of our creative UX design efforts, is your site architecture, out-of-the-box ideas, and new modules specifically designed with your customer and end user in mind.

Why Does User Experience Matter?

How your customers see your web site on their first glance, or how easy (or hard) it is for them to find what they were searching for, all adds up within the first 30 seconds, and it makes all the difference between a conversion or another sale lost.

Additionally, with the right user-experience (UX) design in place, you can easily be up-selling your site users on additional more expensive items, upgrades or services.

Remember this: Creative UX design, is certain to deliver a very high return on your investment (ROI), and therefor one of the best investments you can do for your online business.

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