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The long tail effect in link building

Posted by Joel Schwartz on August 3, 2010

Interesting post, topic: if by adding longer anchor text to a link to make it more natural looking, does the extra text dilute the effect of the link on the main keyword phrase?!

I gave my humble input which I would like to discuss a bit more here and that is taking the long tail effect in consideration when building links for search engine optimization purposes,

As the search engines improve and get smarter every day, web users also tend to get savvier in the way they search, rather then searching for “vacation packages” a search such as “cheap caribbean vacation packages” will return more direct results therefore improving the chances of a successful conversion, now, the search volume for “vacation packages” may be around 9,140,000 while “caribbean vacation packages” is only a poor 74,000 but the latter guarantees so much more conversions.

To conclude this, here are the benefits of mixing up anchor text when link building as a part of your search engine optimization

  • Attracting more convertible traffic using a verity of long tail keyword
  • The obvious, give a more natural look to your links
  • In a highly competitive market, it gives you a niche where you can rank higher for the long tail over the big guys, therefore branding yourself as an industry expert in the eyes of the search engines.

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