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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

PLOREX has developed a three prong approach to ensure that our clients rank high on the search engines and stay there.

Step 1: Search Engine Friendly Design.
The first step is to analyze your site and ensure that it appears user-friendly. We then implement the required changes and also make sure that your site contains useful content and is easy to navigate.

Step 2: Search Engine Promotion.
The next step is to make your site search engine friendly. This includes both the visual appearance of the site and the underlying HTML code. Every search engine uses its own unique criteria for determining the ranking of websites in their database. Through our experience we have developed a good understanding of the specific elements each search engine finds important. With this understanding we modify each page of your site so they rank highly.

Step 3: Search Engine Maintenance.
Once your website is highly ranked, it is extremely important to perform the required maintenance in order to sustain your ranking. Without the proper maintenance the ranking of your site will decrease. Since we monitor your site monthly, we can properly assess your site's ranking and thus recalibrate your pages accordingly. We send out monthly ranking reports showing your exact position within the search engines. These reports will also let you know if your ranking has fallen or whether it has improved, therefore holding us accountable for your sites performance.


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